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Adoption Triad

Image by veeterzy

Are you an adoptive parent dealing with challenges unique to adoptive families? Are you an adoptee looking to address issues such as identity, permanence, missing information, and loyalty? Are you an adoptee or parent of an adoptee who wants support during a search and reunion? Have you relinquished a child and are now dealing with unexpected emotions? Are you an adult who was adopted as a child and now wants to explore the effects of relinquishment?

I completed a post-graduate specialization through the University of Connecticut in Adoption Competency.  I work with all three parts of the Adoption Triad (birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees).  In addition, my trainings in a variety of Attachment-Focused therapies informs my Adoptions work. Please see Training and Certifications.

I am also a member of the Connecticut Adoption Community Network, where I am listed in the Therapist Directory:

“I didn’t give you the gift of life, life gave me the gift of you.” Unknown

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